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June 29, 2016  

Ryan T. Cusick -

"The beautiful – talented actress and filmmaker Jennifer Nangle is known for Demonic Attachment (2016),Spirit Board (2015) and Case #311 (2015) is showing no sign of slowing down as her new short Slit just wrapped a few days ago. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, Jennifer is pursuing her dream of performing and creating content that is not just entertaining but inspiring to many people."

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June 24, 2016

Devin March - Nightmarish Conjurings:

"The acting throughout is excellent and you can absolutely feel the stress and hopelessness that Jennifer is feeling.  You can even see the exhaustion in the main characters face as she tries helplessly to figure out what is wrong with her.  Along with the excellent acting, the cinematography was really clean and the quality of recording was very clear."Read the full review here: 

March 5, 2016

EH Dinsmore - Haddonfield Horror:

"As the title suggests, a demon has attached itself onto our protagonist Jennifer (Nangle) like a parasite on its host. This succubus-like figure is, both figuratively and literally, sucking the life out of Jennifer, who Nangle convincingly plays as a person suffering from trauma and depression."

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March 1, 2016

Jennifer was nominated for "Best Actress" for her performance in "Demonic Attachment" at the Independent Horror Movie Awards!

Demonic Attachment

A short film Jennifer acted, wrote, and produced, will be premiering in Los Angeles in early January 2016!

Film Festivals
Official Selection of the Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival 2015

Official Selection of the Los Angeles Cinefest 2015

Honorable Mention of the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival 2015 

Case #311

a 15 Second short written, directed, produced, & acted by Jennifer

Jennifer was recognized as one of the Top 3 Emerging Female Filmmakers for her submission of Case #311 by the


15 Second Horror Challenge judge Jessica Cameron!

 Film Festivals

WINNER of the 15 Second Horror Film Challange 2015

Official Selection of the Hollywood Sky Film Festival 2015

Spirit Board

a short film written, produced, directed, and acted by Jennifer

Film Festivals

Official Selection of the Tiny Film Festival 2015

Official Selection of Wendy's Shorts 2015

Official Selection of the Hollywood Horror Fest of Shorts 2015


a short film produced and acted by Jennifer

Film Festivals

Official Selection of the Sandpoint Film Festival 2014

WINNER of the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival 2014 (Audience Choice Best Short Film)

WINNER of the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood (Winter) 2015 (Award of Merit)

Official Selection of the California Women's Film Festival 2015      


Jennifer Nangle Produced and Starred in the Award Winning scifi comedy series GUIDES taking home two awards at LA Web Fest featuring Best Acting and Best VFX and taking home Best Webseries and Audience Choice Best Webseries at the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival!

The series can currently be seen on a computer screen near you:

GUIDES is based on the Ancient Alien Theory where aliens have been here on earth helping humans since the beginning of time. GUIDES follows the LA GUIDES Office as they prepare the humans of Los Angeles for 2012. But it isn't always easy...  

To see more of my acting please watch my Acting Reel: